Privacy 隐私

I. Description

  1. is a free web-based service that allows users to create and provide the ability to share text with others;
  2. This site does not provide any direct sharing method, and the user will bear full responsibility for the consequences of the behavior of sharing the link with others. Depending on your choice (eg email, fax, SMS, phone, instant message, etc.), there may be different degrees of risk: a third party individual or organization may be able to know your note link and read the note you created.


  1. 是一个免费的基于 Web 的服务,允许用户创建并提供向他人分享文本的功能;
  2. 本站暂不提供任何直接的分享方式,将链接与其他人分享的行为产生的后果由用户承担全部责任。根据您的选择(如:电子邮件、传真、短信、电话、即时消息等不同方式),可能存在不同程度的风险:第三方个人或组织有可能获知您的便签链接,进而阅读到您创建的便签。

II. IP address and other private information

  1. uses cookies to identify the creator of the note, and rejecting the cookie may affect the use of the note creation feature;
  2. The cookie does not contain the creator's personal and device information;
  3. does not record your IP address and the statistical service used by Google Analytics does not record your IP address.
  4. also does not collect any personal and device information from the note visitors.


  1. 使用 Cookie 来识别便签创建者,拒绝 Cookie 可能影响创建便签功能的使用;
  2. Cookie 中不包含创建者的个人和设备信息;
  3. 并不记录您的 IP 地址,所使用的统计服务 Google Analytics 也不会记录您的 IP 地址。
  4. 同样不收集便签访问者的任何个人和设备信息。

III. Isclaimer

  1. refuses to accept any responsibility for the content posted by the user;
  2. If you have any objections to any of the notes or have other questions, please contact [email protected];
  3. It is recommended that the address of the note, detailed questions and handling comments be included in the email, along with a scanned copy of the required identifiable documents.


  1. 拒绝对用户发布的内容负任何责任;
  2. 如对任何便签内容有异议或有其他问题,请联系 [email protected]
  3. 建议在邮件中说明便签地址、详细问题及处理意见,并附上所需要的可证明身份的文件扫描件。

IV. Effectiveness

Please note that this Privacy Policy * may change from time to time*. In any case, if the content on this page changes significantly, we will provide more prominent notices (such as on the homepage).


请注意,本隐私政策 可能不时更改 。无论如何,如果本页内容变化显著,我们将提供更加突出的通知(如在主页上)。