About 关于

A simple note service.


Features 功能

  1. Anonymous usage
  2. Random url, non-homonym, similar character glyphs
  3. QR code
  4. HTTPS
  5. Save automaticaly
  6. Auto create note when url not exists
  7. Supports Markdown syntax
  8. Supports mobile browser
  9. Optional auto fresh on read view
  10. Optional burn after reading
  11. API: ( /api/1.0/) .txt .json .png .svg or .md

And others need discover by yourself.

  1. 匿名使用
  2. 随机地址,没有难分辨的字符
  3. 提供二维码
  4. HTTPS 加密
  5. 自动保存
  6. 输入 URL 自动创建
  7. 支持 Markdown 语法
  8. 支持移动浏览器
  9. 阅读时可选自动刷新
  10. 可选阅后即焚
  11. API: ( /api/1.0/) .txt .json .png .svg.md


Suitable for publish the sensitive information which won't be disclosed in IM and microblogging, because you always have the opportunity to delete content.

适合用于在 IM 和微博中发布 敏感信息,因为你随时有机会删除和修改内容。